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Simplifya is the number one compliance platform for the cannabis industry.

Project Overview

We have been working with Simplifya from its founding in 2016, first with its website, then a web app, and then mobile apps. Today, we continue to provide full SDLC support for its web and mobile apps.

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  • Web iconWeb App
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The missing link between investors
and cannabis companies

Beyond the obvious financial metrics, investors are most interested in the compliance profiles of the companies they invest in. If a marijuana business can demonstrate that they are running a compliant operation, investors know they have taken a strategic view of their business and mitigated the risks that come with regulatory enforcement. Simplifya provides this link by empowering marijuana businesses with an easy-to-use compliance tool.

Leafwire Pages
Leafwire Pages

Streamlined, Usable, and Beautiful

Simplifya's value proposition is based on transforming complex cannabis regulations into simple tasks. Accordingly, we are supporting this value proposition by delivering a simple, straightforward user experience.

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Ceylon's team has worked hard to remove the traditional language and time zone barriers of using an off-shore dev shop. They understand how the cannabis industry is evolving and our role in fostering the growth of the industry. We greatly appreciate their willingness work with us on creative solutions and expect the partnership to continue for the foreseeable future. Rick Matsumoto, COO, Simplifya

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