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What time zone does Ceylon Solutions development staff work in?

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Generally no…but your requirements would dictate what is needed.  We will provide the team with laptops that are suitable for the work they are required to do along with the relevant OS and any other basic Office type software – you don’t need to worry about it.  However, if there are special software requirements to deliver a project, we will communicate that with you, and you would then be able to purchase the relevant licenses on your Ceylon Solutions team’s behalf.  Similarly, if a project requires a virtual or physical server etc., we will notify you and you’d be able to purchase the recommended hardware as needed.

It’s really simple really.  If you need to build a development team or want to augment your existing team, simply tell us your requirements and we will custom build, to your tech specifications, an awesome team.  You won’t need to worry about searching, interviewing (unless you want to), and hiring the right mix of folks…we’ll do that for you.  It’s the same as hiring people for your current team…except we take away all the admin headaches and let you focus on your product plans.  You get a dedicated team for a monthly fee (based on the resources you need and the experience level you require).  If you are looking to enhance your team for a one-off project, we can work with you on that too – drop us a note and we can pick up that convo.

Frequently Asked!

We generally require a 2 to 3-month lead time from the signing of a contract to find and set up your team.  You billing would only commence per resource count after the first team member is on-boarded.  Please note that in Sri Lanka many companies have an exit notice period of 2 to 3 months…and hence securing high quality resources can mean we need to be a bit patient. However, this is only a rough guideline, and in many instances, we’ve been able to ramp up teams faster than that.

Generally, the team in the US would follow the US holiday calendar and the team in Sri Lanka would follow the Sri Lankan holiday calendar.  Having said that, we are flexible in how we work with our partners.  Please refer to our answer on the time zones for more information on this related topic.

Our Head Office is located in the US…in beautiful Denver, Colorado with staff in New York and Florida. Majority of our development team is based in the tropical paradise island of Sri Lanka – Colombo if we are being city-specific. Our APAC regional sales team is located in Sydney, Australia.

So, you can rest assured that our work and our legal obligations are in line with all US regulations.

We are technology agnostic. We will work with you and your preferences in determining the best tech stack for your requirements.  We don’t favor or discriminate against people…same applies to our tech stacks ;).

Anything legal and anything that doesn’t go against our values and beliefs as a company is fair game.

No.  Because we believe that no task is too insignificant or too large…we just need to talk through how it can work and if we can make it work together. Since you’d be getting a dedicated team, we do generally require a six-month commitment…but we are open to figure that part out together based on special circumstances.