Mobile App Development

Hiring a dedicated mobile app development team through Ceylon Solutions means working with a committed team of software engineers with comprehensive experience in cross platform, native app, and middleware development. You get the quality, communication, and code of an in-house team, but at around half the cost of hiring internally. You can easily increase your team size when necessary, and find the perfect developer for your company without the hassle of the hiring process.

Why Us

Value For Your Dollar

Our clients save 50% on average in comparison to hiring internally or working with a local mobile app development company. But this doesn't mean you're cutting corners. Ceylon Solutions only hires highly skilled and motivated engineers.

Industry Knowledge

Developers who know your industry ensure there aren't misunderstandings or inaccurate builds. They can also give accurate recommendations for your software, based on your unique needs. Check out our portfolio to see some of the industries we specialize in.

Flexibility and Scalability

Hire new developers as you need them, and don't get bogged down by the hiring process. Ceylon Solutions makes finding and obtaining highly skilled developers simple and quick. Whether its for android or iOS, we've got all the developers you need, when you need them.

High Quality, High Skill

Whatever the tech stack your project utilizes, we have the experts you'll need. From Java to Kotlin, from React to Xamarin; Ceylon Solutions has the developers for it. Out headquarters in Denver, Colorado mean we're ready to meet and discuss the intricacies of your business.

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Mobile DevelopmentProcess

Ceylon Solutions mobile app development teams are flexible, quick to learn, and adept at the work flows you need.

If you want developers with their own established app development process, we've got your team. And if you need developers who can adapt their work flow to match your own processes, our supplemental team members are ready to join your crew. Our developers have studied and worked with a range of project methodologies, work flows, and cultures, so you can be confident they will fit in right where you need them.