Simplifya provides the most trusted compliance and regulatory auditing tools in the cannabis industry for all entities to ensure they are operating within the law. Ceylon Solutions built this entire solution from the ground-up with the vision provided by the executive team at Simplifya.


Simplifya is the number one compliance platform for the cannabis industry. We have been working with Simplifya from its founding in 2016, first with its website, then a web app, and then mobile apps. Today, we continue to provide full SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) support for its web and mobile apps.

Simplifya strives to deliver easy-to-use tools to help their clients adhere to all cannabis based business compliance regulations in order to protect their clients' licenses, companies and investments. They built a revolutionary platform with Ceylon Solutions and continues to invest in their clients' by further enhancing the capabilities and services they offer - all whilst keeping development costs down by leveraging their off-shore team provided by Ceylon Solutions.

The Wishlist:
The Outcome:


Simplifya needed to solve a basic problem in the cannabis industry – help ensure that licensed operators were adhering to various compliance regulations all over the US. To do this, a dedicated team of five people with various skills were selected and assembled by the Ceylon Solutions management. Fast-forward 4 years and the Ceylon Solutions team has delivered a complete end-to-end desktop and mobile platform solution from the ground up for Simplifya’s B2B customers.


USD 5,464,000

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The Requirement

Simplify the navigation of the regulatory and compliance waters of the cannabis industry. Make it easy for companies to audit themselves, and ensure that they are always adhering to the laws applicable to the territories they operate in.

The Solution

Ceylon Solutions was able to deliver the most advanced platform of its kind to Simplifya’s B2B customers; to ensure they stay within the legal boundaries of the industry and relevant states. Self- auditing and documenting features relevant to the industry form the essence of the platform with ease and simplicity being the guiding light. Today, Simplifya customers include licensed operators, financial institutions, insurance companies, government, third -party audit companies and law firms.


Collating and organizing legal requirements whilst safe-keeping the relevant documents have proved to be a complicated exercise. However, with the experience gained over the years and the ingenuity of the team has ensured that the Simplifya products continue to be ranked at the very top of the industry for its completeness, ease of use, and client-focussed approach.


Simplifya is the leading regulatory and operational compliance company for the cannabis industry in the United States and plans to expand to international markets in 2021.

Simplifya currently serves 144 companies across many states. Leveraging the knowledge, skills, and ‘let’s get it done’ attitude of the development team based in Sri Lanka, the Simplifya executives in Denver, Colorado are able to think up the next wave of innovative solutions. In just 4 years, the Simplifya team has saved over USD 5.46 million by engaging with Ceylon Solutions as their development team. Today, the 28 members of this team continue to add value and improve the Simplifya product and legacy on a daily basis.

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