Based on each Partner’s specific needs, we handpick a personalized team of experienced coders and engineers in Sri Lanka. For this reason, Ceylon Solutions prefers team augmentation engagements as opposed to project-by-project work. We believe a dedicated team model is the best approach to adding long-term value to our Partners.

Experienced in creating solutions for multiple industries.
We provide innovative solutions as a trusted and experienced partner.
Augment your existing in-house team to fit your exact needs. Start small and scale up as needed or start big and scale down if necessary.
Realize your vision from inception through discovery, planning, building, testing, launching and beyond.
Through sharing our experience of more than 15+ years in operations.
We work with startups, enterprises and everything in-between.
Build a worry-free partnership as your IP is protected by American law…. because we’re an American company.
Reduce your personnel costs by up to 50%
Made in the USA

We’re an American company (based in Colorado) with staff in Denver, New York City, Dallas and Sri Lanka. Our Partners enjoy local contacts, contracts, payments and, the security of operating under US laws.

Intellectual Property

Ceylon Solutions is a US based company and therefore its Partners retain full ownership of IP, code and programs unlike most traditional offshore software development companies who are not protected by US IP laws.


Competitive off-shore development rates with the convenience of working with a US-based company.

Multi-industry Expertise

We have successfully built and deployed multiple web and mobile applications in multiple industries. Our team understands the lingo and the unique intricacies of what is required to develop outstanding software in multiple industries.


We’re a multi-skilled software development company known for building highly custom solutions from the ground up for both start-ups, enterprise and everyone in-between.

Partner Satisfaction

We’ve served over 500 satisfied Partners since 2005.

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