Integrating software development team members with skills in the latest technologies is essential for business in any industry. Partnering with Ceylon Solutions means finding these team members without the normal high cost and large time commitment.

Ceylon Solutions specializes in enterprise software development because we know the importance of custom solutions. Fifteen years of delivering value as a company have equipped our teams with a deep understanding of fintech, data, cannabis, automotive and many other industries.

Our expertise enables us to provide the best solutions for your organization. We can do that for a fraction of the average cost due to the way we have structured our business model.


Enterprise Software Solutions

Our clients save 50% on average in comparison to hiring internally or working with a local development company. But this doesn't mean you're cutting corners. Ceylon Solutions only hires highly skilled and motivated engineers.

Industry Knowledge

Developers who know your industry ensure there aren't misunderstandings or inaccurate builds. They can also give accurate recommendations for your software, based on your unique needs. Check out our portfolio to see some of the industries we specialize in.

Flexibility and Scalability

Hire expert developers as you need them, and don't get bogged down by the hiring process. Ceylon Solutions makes finding and obtaining highly skilled developers simple and quick.

High Quality, High Skill

Whatever the tech stack your project utilizes, we have the experts you'll need. From Java to Kotlin, from React to Xamarin; Ceylon Solutions has the developers for it.

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Software Development Process

Ceylon Solutions software development teams are knowledgeable, experienced, and flexible.

Whether you're looking for a full dedicated development team with a development process of their own, or a few members to supplement your current team, we're here to provide them.

From workflows to documentation standards, and from communication channels to hand off, our developers are well-informed and insightful. They can bring their own procedures to the table, or pick up your procedures with efficiency and effectiveness.

Examples of Work

Enterprise software development by a team of full-stack engineers at Ceylon Solutions

Simplifya is an expansive compliance software for the cannabis industry. Their team of Ceylon Solutions engineers developed web, mobile, and tablet applications from the ground up.

Social media and online marketplace development

Leafwire is an online marketplace and social media connecting stakeholders across the cannabis industry in a content rich, interactive and responsive web application.

Web and mobile development in digitization efforts

American Library Association utilized an expanding Ceylon Solutions team to digitize its services, developing a range of enterprise, web, and mobile software for its consumers and partners.