The beginning of every software project begins with starry eyed gleefulness and extreme optimism by the team that is involved. Even the smallest side hustle that is put together late into the night begins with optimistic dreams that they are going to be able to create a software never seen before, one that is going to change the face of how things work in the world of modern-day technology. People are so enthusiastic when they start out developing a software, that they are not aware of the depth of this particular subject matter, and they believe that the very basics of software development that anyone can get a hang of is good enough for them to develop the software that is going to boost their business.

Most small businesses are currently in the trend of developing their very own software in order to run their businesses successfully. But they are all falling into the trap of not thinking their software development project through. A hastily put together group of people make up their software development team. This team then is in the mind frame that a few open-source libraries and a handful of codes will help them create the real deal. They think that the process if developing a software is as simple as that. And this is where the actual trouble begins.

Although everything may look like it is working perfectly fine for the first few days or even months, you will without a doubt come to a point where you will be faced with trouble. That when you start to question yourself as a team. The doubts begin to cream. Have we gone about it in the right? Is the software good enough? Is it close enough to the specs we had in mind? Will anyone actually consider using this software? Will it be useful to anyone? Most of the time, these questions come into the minds of the software development team too late. They realize certain errors when they get deep into the project and the investment has gone too far. Considering all these, a common question that we need to ask ourselves as software developers is, ‘’ Is there a way to see these problems coming?’’

Its true that the best laid programming plans can also go haywire without any warning, however hard we have tried to perfect it. But these kinds of multiple issues can be predicted along the way by anyone who is paying close attention to the process of developing the software. According to, a company which has worked on more than 100 software development projects, there are a few key reasons why most people fail to optimize their software development projects. When you have experience reviving failed software projects, you will be able to observe a pattern to the root cause behind the problems. Experience is always the best teacher. We were able to gather information on a number of key factors that you need to keep in mind when starting off on a software development project so that you will be saved the hassle of multiple revisions once the job has been completed. Read ahead to find out what they are.

What does software development entail?

If you are just stepping into the world of software development and are wondering what this is all about, according to IBM software development is ‘’ a set of computer science activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing, deploying and supporting software’’. The term software itself refers to a set of instructions which are fed into a device to tell it what to do, for example a computer or mobile. There are three basic categories into which software is categorized.

These include:

  • System Software
  • Programming Software
  • Application Software